Can you ship to an APO/ AFO or PO Box?

Unfortunately, MascHolster.com is not able to ship to APO, AFO, FPO, POB, PO BOX, HI, AK, CO, these addresses. 

How much does shipping cost?

We are pleased to offer free shipping for all orders on the website.

I got my tracking number, where’s my order?

The shipping department usually generates your shipping label the day your order is ready to ship. However, sometimes they will do it a few days before it is ready to ship. It all depends. When you get your tracking number this means your order will ship either that day or within a few days.

How long will it take to get my orders?

We use only Express Saver shipping methods.

Express Mail - This is a fast mail service that we offer our clients.

It is traceable and usually is delivered between 3-5 business days.

In extreme cases such as fire, natural disasters delivery time may vary.

How do I return a product I purchased on your site?

Please click here to find out how to return a product.

You can return any item within 14 days of receiving it. (Given that item is in Original condition)

Can you ship to European Union countries?

Due to problems caused by customs for gun holsters in Europe,

mascholster.com products are not intended for export outside of the USA.

Do you have holsters in stock?

It would be impossible to keep stock of all of the holsters and products that we offer however we do try and keep on hand a selection of our most popular holsters.  If this is the case, and your holster is in stock then the wait time will be considerably less.  When your holster ships we will notify you via email. 

Should I oil my Masc Holster?

Do not oil the holster when it arrives. They contain quality leather oil, so it protects your gun from getting scratched. Depending on the holster, it is oiled here and then sealed. Oils, conditioners, silicones, etc. can destroy the finish, make the holster soft, etc. 

Does Masc Holster do custom work?

Unfortunately, we don't offer customized products at this time. However, feel free to make suggestions. Many new ideas come from our customer’s suggestions. Please do not be offended if we tell you we cannot do it.